The Idyllic product is a revolutionary new mobile identity verification platform. It allows enterprises to verify user identities using custom combinations of powerful techniques from leading vendors, with little to no integration or mobile development. Consumers have a fast, easy and convenient experience.

The Idyllic Identity Platform is a combination cloud platform and mobile solution designed for the identity proofing, multifactor authentication and eSign needs of the modern enterprise. Comprehensive functionality and end user convenience are balanced with low impact integration and deployment.

The key benefits are:

  • Ability to create custom proofing flows using our own tools and those from our partners with little or no integration.
  • Custom IF-THEN flows, “e.g. IF “fraud score” is low, THEN do “Knowledge Based Authentication" (KBA), and IF that fails then do a video-conference.
  • Ability to leverage proof of end user access to other enterprises via OIDC.
  • Built in multi-factor authentication .
  • Ability to use Apps such as signing consent forms, or allowing users to agree to a transaction.
  • Packaged simple comprehensive audit and reporting features