Identity proofing a user before issuing them a credential to access a web service remains a major problem. It is usually solved using cumbersome manual processes, physical ID cards such as driver's licenses or in some instances by solutions which are difficult to use and have a high rate of false positives and false negatives. Further, these approaches do not take advantage of the ubiquitous smartphones, and often do not bind the identity to the user's email or phone number. 

Idyllic is a bridge to smartphone PhotoIDs, which is primarily intended for identity proofing, but can also be used for  multifactor authentication.   It can be used by a consumer at a business (in-person), for a consumer at a web service (remote) and even for mutual authentication when two strangers meet (to transact business or on a date!)

Unlike other solutions that assume that smartphones can seamlessly communicate with a PC or a business terminal at a front office, Idyllic is based on more realistic assumptions.  Specifically we assume that many businesses cannot afford retrofitting their terminals with special purpose readers that can communicate with smartphones. We also do not assume that every user will have a smartphone with a standardized special purpose chip to enable such communications. Rather, our innovative solution works across virtually all currently extant smartphones, and can work with any terminal that can run a browser.

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