Ravi Ganesan has been working in the identity space since the early nineties and has over 60+ patents in the space. He founded TriCipher (acquired by VMware), Hawk and Seal and 3pTALK (both acquired by Authentify). Previously he was CTO of CheckFree(acquired by Fiserv) and VP-Distributed Operations at Verizon. More at http://www.findravi.com.


Tom Pitts has worked in European Financial Services IT and Banking Operations for over 25 years. He has sourced, built and deployed numerous Identity Management platforms and managed critical customer facing interfaces through many enterprise digitization and business transformation programs.Tom's passions lie at the convergence of IT and business process. More at:https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomvpitts


Kelvin Tucker was a founder of 3pTALK (acquired byAuthentify) and has three decades of operational and executive experience in information technology. He is an expert at architecting and delivering highly scalable, mission critical systems. He was Vice-President of Architecture at both CheckFree and Verizon. More at: http://linkedin.com/in/kelvintucker


Software Development outsourced to Tech Vedika, led by Sai Sangenini

Note: Ravi and Kelvin have worked together since 1990.  Ravi and Tom since 2003. Sai Sangenini, founder of Tech Vedika worked at one of Ravi's earlier start-ups